tasty fruit
tasty fruit

As a little girl I lived in Montauk LI at our small family motel for the summers. The town was less refined than it is today but with the same long stretches of sand between soaring cliffs and cool foaming ocean. At the end of the vacation season, wild grapes grew fat and dark purple and plentiful. Our family washed all of the buckets and pails retired from sand castle building and filled them with grapes. My brother and I squeezed piles and piles of grape middles from their skins and Dad made gallons of grape jam. The sweet drunken scent of grapes and sugar wove a crazy path out of the windows riding on the breeze and drew motel patrons to the kitchen. While most kids want to open a lemonade stand, I dreamed of someday selling summer jam. Many years have passed, many recipes have been created, pounds and pounds of local fruit have been simmered and my summer jam stand has become real.

Doves and Figs creates all of our products with lots of sun-ripened fresh fruit grown on New England farms, pure cane sugar, and no added pectin or preservatives. We craft unique blends of fruits along with an array of herbs, spices, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, and spirits. Slow simmered in small batches just as it has been done for generations; our preserves taste like fruit and sunshine! Many of our products are at home on morning toast but also the perfect pairing with cheeses and meats.

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