tasty fruit
tasty fruit

{ Spring • Summer }

Picnic in Paris
Sweet summer strawberries mixed with apples & oranges plus a swirl of orange liquor and a swish of lavender
Chase the Blues Away
Blueberry conserve with dried cranberries & toasted pecans
Song of Summer
Strawberries and apples with vanilla and warm baking spices
Nothin But Blue Skies
Blueberries, port wine & cinnamon
Farmhouse Kitchen
Strawberry Rhubarb with bits of candied ginger & crunchy walnuts
Peachy Keen
Caramelized peaches with pecans and a bit of Southern Comfort. A special seasonal favorite!
Peachy Mean
Sweet summer peaches with a kick of black pepper & hot red pepper flakes
Razzle Dazzle
Tart raspberries blended with Taza chocolate
Stone Fruit Smoke
Mix of plums, peaches, nectarines, and chipotle peppers
Blueberry conserve with Meyer lemon juice & peel & bits of candied ginger
Bramble Tea
Blackberry and Earl Grey tea preserves
Peach Nellie
Ripe sweet peaches blended with seedless raspberry puree
Merry Berry
A sweet and silky mix of apples, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries
Garnets in the Grove
Orange and dried cranberry marmalade

{ Fall • Winter }

Falling Leaves
Apples, dried figs, and dried Cape Cod cranberries in a delightfully chunky spread
Winter Carnival
Apple, pear, & cranberry conserve. Award winner!
Blushing Tart
a very tart cranberry Meyer lemon, & rosemary marmalade
Harvest Fair
Apples, dried figs, almonds, swirled with local dark honey
Chocolate Fig Sunshine
A velvety mix of apples, figs, oranges & Taza Chocolate.
Cape Escape
Cranberry puree and Taza Chocolate
Evil Apple
Spicy apple and chipotle conserve
Cranberry Fruit Mustard
Cape Cod cranberries and brown mustard seed
Bog Bee & Tree
Apple and Cape Cod cranberry butter with local honey
Sweet apples with horseradish & dill